und Buchung


The cathedral is Freiburg’s pride and emblem. Its unique tower with a height of 116m is one of Europe’s most impressive examples of gothic craftsmanship. On a clear day, the view from the top of the tower is just a must. The high altar and the remarkable stained glass windows are just two highlights of the astounding interior of the cathedral.

Surrounding the cathedral is the market place where, framed by historic buildings, during the week a colourful market is held. Further highlights are the historic Markethouse with its colourfully tiled roof, the old guard-house which hosts the “Haus des Badischen Weines” where the local vineyards present themselves, the two remaining medieval town gates and the Basler Hof.

The most picturesque part of Freiburg is the so called “Insel” (Island) surrounding the historic “Schwabentor” – right outside “Zum Roten Bären”. The openly flowing “Bächle” (streams running through-out the city) the silent alleyways the hidden corners and the idyllic courtyards create Freiburg’s unique charm.

The Schlossberg located right next to the historic city centre, reachable via an areal passenger line, offers an overwhelming view of the cathedral, the historic city centre and the surrounding area.