und Buchung

The “Grafenhof der Bertolde”

 “The Court of the Counts Bertold”

For many years the archaeologist Immo Beyer, Dr. an ancient Greek historian and a specialist in architecture, explored the Romanesque cellar rooms of “Zum Roten Bären”. (The Romanic period dates from 1000 to 1200.) His findings are summed up in the stone plans that can be “read” in the cellar of “Zum Roten Bären”.

In 1997 the scientist issued a paper, commissioned by the building department of Freiburg, stating, with the help of many expert opinions and axonometry, that the restaurant and inn “Zum Roten Bären” once was the main building of the court of the counts Bertold. Around the year 1000 it formed, interlocked with the neighbouring buildings Oberlinden number 10 and 14, a feudal estate which was protected by surrounding walls. This publication caused numerous discussions among experts which continue to this day.