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The deep cellar of Medieval Times

The oldest testimonials of the history of the restaurant and inn “Zum Roten Bären” can be found in the cellar of the building. When declaring the building a historic monument in 1939, Freiburg’s chief building director Dr. Schlippe said: “[…] Oberlinden is one of the most specific and intact historical sites of Freiburg and is therefore declared a historic monument, including the restaurant and inn “Zum Roten Bären”. The current build of the building probably dates back to the second half of the 18th century but the cellar has parts that date back to the time shortly after the founding of the city in 1120. Even if they don’t influence the townscape today they are still worth protecting.”

The five stone arches that are visible in the cellar represent a thousand years of building history:

  • The painted arcade bow with the column originates from the year 1000
  • The two arcade bows on the cross wall originate from the year 1263
  • The round arch entrance to the deep cellar was built in the 16th century
  • The big arch on the centre wall was constructed in the 18th century when “Zum Roten Bären” was partly rebuilt